Three Chocolate Flowers

Flowers or chocolates? Why not both?

Karila was born in Estonia, where cooler climes mean that flowers of the garden variety are much less likely to thrive. Luckily, Karila was made by artists and they’re not afraid to think outside the box. The team came up with these gorgeous, handcrafted chocolate flowers that satisfy the search for sweetness of all varieties.

In Karila’s world of pure imagination, petals taste of blueberry, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry, and stems are made of solid chocolate. Orchids, irises, carnations and roses come in your choice of bright, candy colours and give off sweet aromas of cocoa and vanilla.

In the words of the managing director, Liina Lindsalu: “I am not producing chocolate flowers because I do not like flowers. It’s just the opposite! I love flowers that much that I do not like to see them wither.”

Karila’s flowers don’t use artificial colours and they don’t need the chemicals that are used to preserve living flowers, but they’re long-lasting nonetheless (as long as you can resist eating them…). Whether you bundle them into a bouquet or go for the classic single stem, they make unique, memorable and delicious gifts.