Hay Hampers had special extra help in their warehouse yesterday when Paul Fellows, the Mayor of Bourne, worked as a packer for one day.

Having heard about the Bourne based hamper company from the Town Clerk when seeking out hamper raffle prizes for the Civic Dinner last month, he decided to visit Hay Hampers and help out while raising money for the Bourne Town Hall and Skate-park projects.

“Other than as raffle prizes, I have never given hampers actually” commented Paul Fellows while packing a line of hampers for Amazon. “However I do give my wife a themed gift for Christmas each year, such as a White Christmas with all sorts of different things that were white. I can see that is very similar to what you do here putting together items with a similar theme and presenting them beautifully to become more than the sum of their parts. Now I appreciate why you are expanding so much as hampers make such easy gifts to give and receive”.


Paul Fellows at Hay Hampers


Paul Fellows’ visit to Hay Hampers is part of his plan to get to know the businesses based in Bourne better.

“We are honoured to have been selected from among all the companies in Bourne” commented Gabriele Da Re, Managing Director at Hay Hampers. “We hope that more and more people become aware that we are here so we can attract skilled people and local business”.

“I have a confession” said Paul Fellows before leaving “It isn’t my first time as an elf, but it is my first time as a hamper elf. It is great fun here!”







For further information, please contact:

Elisabeth Och – elisabeth@hampers.co.uk

Tel. 01476 550 420; @HayHampers




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Notes to Editors:

Hay Hampers Ltd. is a family-run gift hamper company started in 1984 with four guiding principles – authenticity, freshness, sharing and trust – which remain central to the brand’s success today. Their collection of gifts and hampers is a celebration of artisan and independent food and wine production from all over the world. Hay Hampers is considered one of the ten best hamper companies in the UK.