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Picnic Couscous Patties

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Picnic Couscous Patties

Make your picnic more interesting with these tasty couscous patties.


300g couscous
1 x stock cube
0.5 x each red, yellow and green pepper, finely diced
0.5 x courgette, finely diced
Sicilian olives, finely chopped
Parsley and oregano, finely chopped
4 x spring onions, finely chopped
2 x tins of sardines in tomato sauce
2 x eggs


Crumble the stock cube into a deep bowl with the couscous
Cover the couscous to a 1-inch depth with boiling water, and leave to cook
Meanwhile fry the peppers and courgette until softened
Add all the ingredients to the couscous and combine well
Shape into patties of your preferred shape and size (burger-sized makes a good supper and meatball-sized makes good snacks for picnics)
Shallow fry in oil until coloured
Drain on kitchen paper and either eat warm or refrigerate before taking them and eating them cold on a picnic


These have quite an Italian feel, but you can add any flavour profile you like to this simple concept. Some ideas:

o Add ras-al-hanout, chickpeas, soaked raisins and toasted pinenuts for a Morrocan feel
o Add small cubes of cheese and bacon, and fried onion for a classic English feel
o Add small cubes of feta cheese, diced cucumber and tomato, red onion and black olives for a Greek feel