Unique Personalised Packaging - Hay Hampers


Our new range of boxes and baskets is a lovely mix of charming, modern style and timeless, vintage look sure to add an exclusive finish to our Christmas hamper gifts full of speciality food and wine. We can personalise the packaging with a company logo and a personal message on a stylish ribbon, a modern metal tag, or a smart leather tag.


Personalised Ribbon Tag for your Carton Boxes

Finish your box with your logo and a personal message on a stylish ribbon tag.


Personalised Metal Tag for Your Wicker Baskets

Embellish your wicker baskets with a modern metal tag with your logo.


Silk screened wooden boxes

Enrich an elegant wooden box with your company logo and message.


Personalised Leather Tag for your Wicker Baskets

Add your logo on a smart leather tag to be hung on your wicker baskets handle.