This beautiful tea, biscuits and chocolate gift features a stunning handmade chocolate flower and a heart shaped pot of pink wrapped pralines that we think makes it a perfect gift for your mum this Mother's day.

hearts and flowers


The flower is 100% edible and will make a delightful surprise when they open the box. All individually hand sculpted with great skill, the scent it carries will fill your mouth with saliva, it smells of the only thing better than a real traditional sweet smelling rose, it smells of cocoa and vanilla! Not only does it look exquisite and smell divine, it really does taste delicious and you can eat all of it! The petals are made with modelling white chocolate, coloured and flavoured with fruit pastes, and the stem is a single, solid cylinder of high quality dark or milk chocolate. Approximately 26cm in length and 80g in weight each.

The fudge is handmade with a rich clotted cream flavour, the shortbread is all butter, the pralines come in a heart shaped box to demonstrate your love.

We care about our products as much as you care about your mum!