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Tiramisù with chocolate chips

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Nduja Bread


150 gr. of fresh yeast
150 gr. of flour 0
150 gr. of manitoba
100 gr. of semolina
250 ml. of water
a tablespoon of oil
a teaspoon of salt
a teaspoon of barley malt
from 50 to 120 gr. of "nduja (depending on how hot you want it)


1. Melt the yeast in the water with the barley malt, then add the oil and flour, finally the salt. Knead well and let it rest for half an hour, then fold it. After half an hour another round, and after another half an hour the last round. Let rise in a glass bowl, covered with a film for food, for 8/10 hours (I recommend starting the preparation in the evening and letting it rest overnight).
2. Spread the rectangle dough with your hands, without squeezing it too much, and spread the nduja over it. Roll up and place in a mold (a donut, or a plumcake) to rise until doubled.
3. Bake at 220° for 10 minutes, then lower at 190° for another 50 minutes.
4. Let it cool on a wire rack, then cut yourself a slice and ... keep the fire extinguisher ready, or a good glass of wine!