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Ghostly Meringue Cake

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Ghostly Meringue Cake


500ml Double Cream
50g Icing Sugar
100g Sour Cherries
12 Meringues, medium sized
1 tbsp Vanilla Essence


1. Pour the double cream into a large bowl.
2. Then add the vanilla essence and the icing sugar.
3. Whip the mixture until it has a thick creamy texture.
4. Add the sour cherries and mix with a spoon.
5. Cover the base of a cake tin (20/22cm) in cling film and then add the crumbled meringues.
6. Pour all the mixture on top of the meringues to cover them fully, making sure it is all flat.
7. Cover the top of the cake in cling fil and put it in the freezer for about 4 hours.
8. Take away the cling film from the top of the cake and flip it upside down onto a plate.
9. Take off the cake tin and remove the cling film.
10. Flip the cake once again with a plate.
11. Finally add the decorations of your choice to make it look extremely cakeifying.