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Caramelized Orange Peels

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Caramelized Orange Peels


10 big Navel Oranges produced without fertilizers
1 kg caster sugar
1 vanilla bean
2 pieces of cinnamon
800 gr dark chocolate


1. Carefully wash the oranges, then slice their upper and lower crowns. That’s the only part to be thrown away. Split the rest of the orange peel in four parts. Cut little stripes (approximately 6 mm each) out of each segment.
2. Bring 2 liters of water to the boil (the quantity of water is calculated according to the number of peel stripes). When the water boils, pour in the peels and cook them over high heat for one minute, then drain them. Repeat the procedure again.
3. For the third time, bring 2 liters of water to the boil, add the sugar, the vanilla bean and the cinnamon. When the water boils and the sugar has melted, pour in the orange peels. Boil them for two hours over very low heat. When they got glittery, drain them and let them dry on a tray covered with baking paper for a couple of days.
4. After two days, melt the chocolate in double boiler, then dip in each peel stripe and lay it on a tray covered with baking paper. The orange peels are ready in a couple of hours.